Build tool.

The Lumberyard build system is a little long winded and easy to get wrong.

So we wrote a little tool to automate the process.

Simply navigate to the directory containing your project and hit the build button.

The code is supplied under a "do what you like with it licence". We will not be offering support.

However if it makes things easier for you, please go ahead and use it. It's saved us a lot of time already.

GameSDK Sound paks

The sound files supplied with the GameSDK don't work in Lumberyard.

It's an issue of Wwise versioning.

Getting them to work properly is a huge amount of work, so I have come up with a shortcut.

I have modified the sound files from the Crytek version of the game to work with Lumberyard.

You simply need to extract the contents of the zip file into


Now the legal status of these files is a little gray, so only do this if you are happy that you won't be using them in a commercial game. The original sound files will probably be property of CryTek.

Again this is a "do what you like with it licence".

If you want to know the details of the conversion, please contact us directly.


Font rendering

A little demo of how to do signed distance field fonts in Monogame


Some experimental code that may be useful

HID device handling for Monogame

Mod tools


IL2 mod tool